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Anne Devine – IR20

The founder and Executive Director of ir2o.

IR2O – Impact Risk to Opportunity.

In 2016, Ann founded IR2O: Impact Risk to Opportunity, after she returned to Sydney, Australia from San Francisco, USA. Ann spent 3 months in the United States absorbing best practice ideas and approaches to social innovation, enterprise and impact investing. She had the privilege to learn from some inspiring, experienced and accomplished people. What struck her was the opportunity to use risk management to enable organisations in the social impact ecosystem to respond to challenges and threats and to grow and prosper.

IR2O was created from that idea.

Since then Ann has built a team of committed people dedicated to fostering robust and resilient organisations across the social impact ecosystem, through business and impact risk management.

IR2O is working to encourage collaboration between risk specialists, social entrepreneurs, small and growing enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets and their supporters.

Expertise: Risk management and compliance, asset and funds management, strategic, business and project management, building robust and effective frameworks, communication and public speaking.