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Eddie Ma – Vigilanti

Eddie is the co-founder of Vigilanti, a strategic design practice helping the world’s most disadvantaged people through design, innovation & action. With a background in Architecture, Eddie is passionate about making housing more affordable and equitable for more people. One of his proposals, the Equity Housing Model, proposes a better way to develop more affordable housing and aims to solve some of the systemic issues present in the Private, Affordable and Public housing sectors. The Equity Housing Model was a shortlisted entry in the City of Sydney Alternative Housing Ideas competition last year.
In his work trying to solve the affordable housing crisis, he has become a fierce supporter of the Waterloo Public Housing Estate tenants’ fight to negotiate a better outcome for their community and has conducted research into key aspects of their community, including local community gardens, community connectedness and grassroots community organisation.
Eddie will be presenting in Wednesday night’s session.