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Tracey Cooper – The Valley Centre

Tracey has 30 years experience working in education, sustainable community building, film and creative arts. Her experience in community capacity building and development has played an integral part in the roles she has undertaken. Speaking at the United Nations dialogue amongst civilisations conference in 2002, it became increasingly important to share the vision of TVC.  Tracey has action-research the question What is sustainable community and how did we lose it, since 1999 and is now managing the building of TVCs EcoWonderland Training & Research Centre.

Tracey is the leading Community Facilitator working with Aboriginal communities right across Australia, witnessing the empowerment of these communities through the introduction of renewable energy, which acts as a catalyst for their visions for a self-sufficient and sustainable future. Tracey presents this work at conferences and corporate events regularly including speaking at the Renewable Cities Conference in Vancouver and at the World Indigenous Business Forum in Rotorua. Tracey has also been involved in developing community solar-powered aquaponics projects. Her work has seen the simple model of food, water, energy, housing, training and jobs evolve as the steps to rebuild the oldest model in human history the sustainable community model in a contemporary way. Her work illustrates the partnership between Ancient Wisdom and renewable technology as the key to reinvigorating local economies and communities.

Tracey will be moderating the Fire, Country & Culture session on Thursday lunch time.