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5th & 6th November 2020

We live in a time of unprecedented challenges. We can choose which direction we take.

Join us for a 360 degree look at where we’ve been and where we are headed.

Our week of webinars and discussions will share positive stories to inspire Australians to see the power of local communities and economies. Led by the wisdom of First Nations peoples, our online talks and discussions will showcase ground breaking initiatives from all sectors of Australia, bring the philanthropic sector together with participants, and foster listening, sharing, collaboration and strategies “Beyond Crisis”.

Our summer of bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic have shown us how much we need strong, connected local economies, to secure the basic needs of communities, including food, water, health and wellbeing, energy, housing and employment. This basic model of interconnected local economies is as old as humanity itself.

In Australia, the escalating ecological crisis and current economic slow-down must be seen as catalysts for new ways forward. To build better, stronger, resilient communities and economic systems, we need to:

  • work together
  • affirm and learn from the ancient foundations of First Nations knowledge and connection to country
  • create fair, place-based, appropriate systems and responses to the challenges we face
  • do it all within the healthy ecological limits and unique resources and capacities of our diverse bioregions across our continent

During “Beyond Crisis” we are inviting community focused thinkers, writers, researchers and the not-for-profit sector to come together with the social impact, philanthropic and investment sectors to invest in new and reinvigorating local economies. We urgently need people in the finance, community and environmental sectors to “sit around the table” to create long term strategic models to help local people and their communities “kick start” new systems and projects. This approach enables local economies to build robust systems to protect communities.


  • Recorded webinars and information hosted on dedicated webpages, linked to dozens of organisations’ websites
  • Online portals for people to share their ideas and input via surveys and online tools
  • Shared strategy and action plan to inform philanthropic and government funders
  • Body of shared work to continue with together


Beyond Crisis Team: