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Tracey Benson – Treecreate

Dr Tracey M Benson is an Australian based interdisciplinary artist, academic and researcher focused on eco-activism and citizen engagement. Her work explores issues related to belonging, place, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour change. With a passion for understanding different knowledge systems and engaging audiences, she often collaborates with Indigenous communities, historians, technologists and scientists. Tracey worked with the Australian Government for over 15 years as an executive in the policy areas of environment and energy, specialising in digital transformation, communications and strategy. In 2019 she founded Treecreate, a collaborative platform bringing together artists, scientists and knowledge keepers to work cooperatively on ideas to solve some of the ‘wicked problems’ of climate, urbanity and energy justice. Since 2013, she has been a Trustee for Intercreate – an organisation focusing on the synergies between arts, science, technology and Indigenous knowledge. She has lectured internationally and holds visiting adjunct positions at University of Canberra, the More than Human Lab at Victoria University, Wellington, NZ and as an advisor to Transart Institute. She is listed as an expert with the Australian Academy of Science for her work on citizen engagement and behaviour change around energy and household sustainability.

Tracey will be presenting in Tuesday night’s session.